(802) 432-3126 wisepines@gmail.com


The UV Collaborative is a free gathering (at least for now) of community members coming together to work.

Where: Wise Pines, in the lodge (see map below)

When: WEDNESDAYS ONLY. We will be open 9am-4pm

Whether you work remotely or have Wednesdays off, this is a great space to meet new people, while still upholding a quiet and respectful atmosphere for those trying to focus. Bring your computer, your journal, your projects, whatever. Let’s use this space as a collaborative workspace where we can keep each other motivated, bounce ideas off of one another and simply have a change of scenery. This will be held one day a week. 

I can have teas and a pot of coffee available, with a little donation box next to it so you can pitch in if you’re drinking any. We are located at 184 Hartland Hill Rd. Woodstock, VT (technically Hartland, but put Woodstock in the GPS). 

About the space: Wise Pines is a B&B/hostel. We will meet in The Lodge, which is used as the common space for the property. Every now and then, there may be lodging guests coming in to use the building as well, but for the most part, it will likely just be us. We are s l o w during the weekdays in our “off season”. When we do pick up speed again, we will need to put UV Collaborative on pause. (Probably around June). I also teach yoga classes upstairs in this building on Wednesdays. These classes often have a low attendance, but we may see some people coming in for that. Any of you are welcome to join! It’s a Slow & Gentle Flow class at 1:00. 

 Suggested items to bring: 


*computer charger 

*lunch/ snacks (we have a toaster oven griddle for you to heat things up (no microwave) and a fridge. A stove and oven are available so long as I am there, but I may not be there the whole day, so I wouldn’t count on it!) 

*yoga stuff if you want to join- we have mats if you need to borrow one. PS- while this is free for now, it might not continue this way forever!

If you are interested in coming, send me an email at wisepines@gmail.com so that I can confirm there is still space (there probably will be!) Soon there will be a way to register online and you will be able to find that through this page.