(802) 432-3126 wisepines@gmail.com

Wise Pines offers shuttles 2 times per day to the AT trailhead at RT 12 for long distance hikers (about 9:00am and 5:30pm). Outside of these times, and if missing the shuttle, guests are responsible for finding their own rides.

Below is a list of local shuttle drivers. Wise Pines is not responsible for any fees or the availability of these individuals. Keep in mind there is not phone service at the trailhead, but there is cell service when coming down Dana Hill (about a mile from Rt 12-NoBo) and on The Lookout (about 6 miles from RT 12-NoBo).


Bonnie St. Laurent: 802.359.7339

Candy: 603.496.3054

Mark: 781.762.6998

Jane Warren: 603.486.8778 (Weekends Only)

Steve Lake: 603.252.8259, athikershuttle@gmail.com

Michelle Walker: 603.543.7829, melachelle@yahoo.com

Joy Tyo: 603.306.7638 (TEXT), uber-it@comcast.net; www.uber.com/invite/joyt2382ue

Advance Transit Bus Service: Free, M-F 5am-5pm (download their free app)

Fancy Free: 802.738.5445 ($40 minimum, $2/mile)