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Jon and Chelsey wanted to create a space in which they can live a lifestyle they believe in: both sustainable and holistic.

Chelsey has been studying holistic practices for over a decade. She is certified in Reiki and to teach Yoga. She has a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Nutrition. Chelsey (Mosey) thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2017 with her dog Jesco. Jon has an enormous love for farming and the two of them have experience working on farms in their past. Jon works in the craft of woodturning and has a lifetime of experience working in the trades where he has learned to paint professionally and work in construction.

They want to share their passions with other like-minded people and open up a doorway for others who are unfamiliar with these practices to have the opportunity to experience them.  Chelsey and Jon have brought two beautiful boys, Holden, and Wyatt into the world. It’s important to them that they raise their kids in an environment where they have the opportunity to learn and be with the land, have fun, be creative, and meet new people that can open them to new ideas and possibilities. Them and their dogs, Boognish and Jesco, welcome you with warm hearts.