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Additional Information

The Wise Pines Experience

Wise Pines is a Holistic & Sustainable B&B/ Hiker Hostel that offers a unique farm experience. Owners, Chelsey and Jon with their two kids, live on the property with their two dogs, chickens and goats. Goats are natural escape artists and love to explore the property to eat trees and more grass. You may see them running around or taking an afternoon nap on the hill, outside of their fenced in area.

The Spaces

The Property

Wise Pines sits on 40 acres of land, complete with walking/hiking trails to enjoy. On the property is a pond, many fruit trees, chickens, and goats. *Electric fencing is LIVE!* With two treehouses, spaced out from, but shares land with a renovated barn (The Bunkhouse), which is used as another lodging accommodation, and a nearby common building that is a shared space for all guests to relax, eat, and attend studio events. Owners, Jon and Chelsey live on property with their two children, Holden and Wyatt and their two dogs, Boogie and Jesco. The dogs are friendly but will come running and barking (loudly!) at you at first. They are just excited and want to say hi!


This one room treehouse is tucked lightly into the woods for a tranquil setting, not far from another treehouse of its kind. The space includes a lush queen-sized bed, a table with bar stools, a dresser, mini fridge, water dispenser with glassware, and 4 large windows. Heat is available, so as to be enjoyed all year long. The bathroom and shower are located in common building down a slightly steep, gravel walking path (about 160 ft away), which is shared with the other treehouse lodging accommodation.

The Bunkhouse (The Barn)

This two level renovated barn offers two private rooms each with a queen sized bed, a bunk room of 8 beds (4 bunk beds) with a small seating area, and a large upper deck that looks over the property with views of wild sunsets. There is a bathroom with two private toilets and showers. There is a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, toaster oven, a 10.1 cubic ft fridge, and coffee maker. Seasonally, we offer this space either as a whole or as a hostel, renting separate beds. Please note that the Wise Pine’s check-in office is a closed-off room in The Bunkhouse with its own entrance in the back of the building.

The Lodge

The lodge is a common building for all of our guests. There is one restroom, with a shower, in this building, which is the main restroom for our treehouse guests and available to all guests. This building houses a commercial kitchen, a dining and lounge area with couches, a gas fire place, games and books, as well as a yoga studio for yoga classes and other events.

The Office/Shop

The office is in the back of the Bunkhouse, which is the first building on the right that you will come to when the driveway forks, with the red roof. We have a small gift/gear shop with Wise Pines merchandise, postcards, greeting cards, Vermont maple syrup, soap, laundry detergent, Darn Tough socks and hiker needs, such as wet wipes, water filters, fuel, etc.

Breakfast at Wise Pines

Please let us know 1-2 days ahead of time if you would like any of the below breakfast options and of any dietary restrictions.

*No Breakfast*: April 14-24th. Rates have been adjusted for these dates.

In-House Dinning

Breakfast foods rotate with the seasons, and change daily. Much of our food is sourced from our own garden and hens or other local sources. You can expect, and are not limited to an offering of: frittatas, breakfast tacos, quiches, quinoa breakfast bowls, root veggie hash, fresh fruit, sausages, smoothie bowls, pancakes, baked goods and more. Tea and coffee options are included. All food is prepared by our Chef, Alex. Each day we have one offering, but can easily accommodate dietary restrictions.

Included with your stay.

June through September: 8:00am, 7 days a week

October through May: 9:00am- Th, Fr, Sa, Su

“At Your Leisure”

A prepared basket of breakfast items will be put in your accommodation prior to your arrival so that you can easily heat and prepare it at whatever time you would like during your stay. Breakfast items include whole grain or GF pancakes (vegan), mini quiches (vegan quiche available) and a breakfast citrus salad, with the option of tea or coffee. The kitchen is not available for use during our In-House dining hours +1 hr on either side of breakfast (see above). $15/guest.

October through May- M, Fr, Sa, Su

Grab & Go

*Coming soon*


October through May- M, Fr, Sa, Su

Cooking at Wise Pines

In The Lodge, there is a kitchen which is shared with the two other treehouse lodging accommodations. We have a flat-top griddle, outdoor grill, microwave, toaster oven, pizza pizzaz, blender, coffee maker and electric kettle for you to use. The oven and stove are NOT available for guest use as it is a commercial kitchen. Guests must comply with the health and safety regulations posted in the kitchen, and leave the kitchen clean when done. Guests are responsible for removing any food or drink stored in the kitchen prior to the end of their stay. Each treehouse and The Bunkhouse have mini fridges. If you need more space than what a mini fridge can hold, please be prepared to bring your own cooler. The Bunkhouse also has its own microwave, toaster oven, toaster, electric kettle and coffee maker.

All ingredients in the kitchen are OFF LIMITS to our guests. This includes coffee and tea which is reserved only for our guests who are joining us for breakfast. If you choose to opt out of breakfast, please be prepared to bring your own foods/beverages that you wish to have during your stay.

Arriving at Wise Pines/ Check-in

A personal vehicle is required to get around the area (preferably one with 4WD/AWD and, seasonally, all-season/snow tires as we do live on a winding dirt road and have a steep driveway). The roads and/or driveway can get heavy with snow, icy and mud.

Wise Pines is in a rural, wooded location. Please note, there is no parking directly near the Treehouses. When the driveway forks, stay to the right and follow the road to the parking area near the main office. The entrance to the office is in the back of The Bunkhouse, the first building you will come upon, on the right, when the driveway forks, with the red roof. *We highly recommend arriving while the sun is still up. While we have solar lighting on the property and on the outsides of the buildings, it gets quite dark once the sun falls. It is nice to get your bearings beforehand.

Please checkin upon arrival. There will either be a staff member to meet you or a self-checkin note on the office door for you. Check in is at 2:00pm and check out is by 11:00am. Please let us know if you need exceptions made.

While our physical address is in Hartland, our mailing address and the address GPS will guide you to is WOODSTOCK. Putting “Hartland” in to your gps can have you arrive at the WRONG location.


There are 3 designated parking areas, 2 of which are small parking lots marked by signage along the gravel driveway. The first is behind the main home’s garage, when the driveway first splits (about a 1 minute walk from the office/ ~450ft away), and the second parking area is just before arriving at the office (about ~150ft away).

Guests staying in The Bunkhouse are able to park in front of The Bunkhouse so long as there is enough room for vehicles to continue past on the gravel driveway. Please do not block the walkway to the office. There is room for 1-2 cars in this area.


3 guest dogs are allowed at the property at a time. No other pets aside from dogs are allowed. The pet friendly accommodations are: SoBo (treehouse), White Blaze (private room in The Bunkhouse) and one of the bunks. We allow 2 dogs in a whole Barn reservation. There is a $25 fee ($5/night for thru-hiking dogs) per pet. Please keep your dog on leash while on the property. You will be held responsible for any damages caused by you or your pet. Also note that there is a LIVE electric fence that surrounds our goats. Goats are natural escape artists and love to explore the property to eat trees and more grass. You may see them running around or taking an afternoon nap on the hill, outside of their fenced in area. Guest dogs must sleep indoors at night, in the same room as the guest. During the day, guest dogs must be on a leash with their owners, at all times. Guest dogs that are aggressive or bark excessively may be asked to leave, along with their owners.


Laundry units are available in the lodge. Please prepare to bring your own detergent, if you should need to use them or purchase a laundry pod in our office.


Please note that there is no cell phone service on the property. Be sure to turn on your WiFi calling PRIOR to arriving (while in cell range) so that you are able to make phone calls and text while here.

Cancellation Policy

We are a small business and cancellations affect us largely. Because of that, it’s important for us to apply a cancellation policy.

If you cancel or shorten your stay 14 days or more before your arrival, we will refund your deposit, less the following fees per canceled night: $30 for the whole barn rental, $25 for a private room or treehouse rental, or $10 for a bunk rental. Any cancellations within 7 days are subject to no refunds.

All reservations made within 48 hours receive a full refund without a fee, so long as they are within 14 days of check-in.

Any guest that does not show up for their reservation is held responsible for full payment of their reservation.

Guest Agreement

Below are other terms in our guest agreement not previous mentioned.

Quiet Hours and Preserving the Peace

10:00pm to 7:30 am. Beyond these hours, guests shall not, at any time, make any excessive, unnecessary, unreasonably loud noise, or any noise which disturbs the comfort or safety of others within the immediate vicinity.

Fireworks of any kind are prohibited at all times.

Smoking and vaping of any kind is not permitted in rooms, treehouses, and common areas, or within 30 feet of any building.

Wise Pines Terrain

Feel free to wonder around Wise Pines Property, but be sure to not trespass into any of the neighboring properties. All walking trails lead back to Wise Pines so long as you stay on path and do not walk beyond the trail. Enjoy our rustic property. However, be advised that the property is uneven and has many hazards, including rocks, logs, slippery surfaces, forest debris, vegetative matter, and the like, that make walking and hiking hazardous. Swimming in the pond is prohibited.


Guests must comply with all existing state and federal mandates with respect to COVID-19, with respect to vaccination, masking, social distancing, or other public health measures. Guests experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should inform management and isolate in their rooms until the end of their stay. In common areas, guests must comply with any posted rules regarding COVID-19. If there is not a private room available, guests will be asked to find another lodging accommodation elsewhere to help protect the rest of our guests.


Total capacity of Wise Pines at all times is sixteen guests, including attendees at workshops and events. If you have a reservation and are wanting to invite a friend or family member visit you during your stay, please confirm with staff so that we do not exceed the allotted amount of guests and vehicles we can have on the property at one time.


Each guest assumes all risks of property damage and bodily injury associated with or inherent in the use of Wise Pines’ facilities. Each guest releases, holds harmless, and forever discharges Wise Pines, LLC, and its employees and agents, from any and all claims, liability, rights, or causes of action, that the guest may have now or in the future for any losses, injuries, or damages arising directly or indirectly arising from the guest’s stay at Wise Pines. Any questions or complaints that may arise during your stay should be directed to Chelsey Seering at 802-432-3126.