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This two level renovated barn offers two private rooms and a bunkroom with a small seating area and a large upper deck. There is a shared bathroom with two private toilets and showers. A toaster oven, coffee maker and mini-fridge is available in addition to the appliances offered in the lodge (no microwave). If you are planning on needing more space than what a mini fridge can hold, please be prepared to bring your own cooler for your refrigeration needs.

*Please Note:* We have two other treehouse lodging accommodations and other guests will likely be staying on the property. With that being said, the barn is for your use only.
Our office however, is a closed-off room in the barn. There is a separate entrance in the back of the building, so that we will not enter your space during your stay- unless requested or necessary. The office will be in use daily, where other guests will be checking in and out.


Prices start at: $375 per night (+taxes and fees)


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